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One vendor; many services.
You chose; we deliver.

Convenience is having a single vendor who can provide a range of scalable solutions.  Vanguard Contingent is the right match if: (1) your need for support changes from day-to-day, (2) you’re initiating a long-term project or (3) you’re juggling a dozen small projects at once.
Perhaps, your needs are expanding, but you’re just not exactly sure what it is you’re going to need (or when). If so, check-out the “On-Retainer” section.


Custom Solutions

Let’s talk. Our clients face interesting challenges every day and usually already have a good idea of what they want. We simply help them achieve it.

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• Analysis
• Modeling
• Trend Assessment
• Custom Analysis Apps
• Evaluation Systems
• Process Auditing


• Graphic Design
• Illustration
• Instructional Design
• Print Ready Production
• Corporate Reporting
• Logo Development


• Project Management
• Special Projects Execution
• Pilot Project Execution
• Research Projects
• Feasibility Assessments
• Survey Assessments


• Strategic Planning
• Land Acquisition
• GIS Service/Mapping
• Master Planning
• Business Planning


• Web Development
• Java Scripting
• Web App Development
• Web Optimization

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